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A picture of mum and me at Parc Slip cafe
Mum and Julia at Parc Slip cafe

I wrote a blog about my efforts to improve the wellbeing of my mother who lived with dementia. Sadly my mother died in December 2019. I still have a few posts to write, that I hope might be useful for others who are caring for loved ones.

My mother’s descent into dementia was rapid, dramatic and hugely distressing. Caring for her became the most important thing I did and wanted to do. I spent the best part of four years looking out for and caring for my mother in her home town in South Wales.

In the blog, I draw on information and point readers to resource guides from established organisations such as Dementia UK, Carers UK, and Contented Dementia. I have been touched by messages I have received from carers who have found my blog helpful.

I started the blog in May 2017. Since then I shared strategies and useful links on a range of topics including:

Now that my mother has passed away I am trying to pick up my life where I left off. It’s not straightforward. So much has changed, including me.

l feel sad at how my mother suffered needlessly. So much is known about what works in dementia care, but so little is put into action. I discovered that really good dementia care is rare. We need to learn from the good examples to do so much better. See my latest post.